About us

NINKI is a boutique content marketing agency that provides a full suite of content services, with side-dishes of digital marketing strategy and training.

Working mostly with digital marketing agencies, our (dream) team of two have worked with a range of industries from finance, technology and law through to marketing, lifestyle and tourism. Although we’re able to write for a broad range of industries, we specialise in lifestyle, tourism and marketing.


We’re not just experienced copywriters and content creators. We’re digital strategists too.

Our experience in sales and strategy is what makes us different. We understand the psychology of a sale and the complexities of the online purchase journey, but most of all, we understand humans.

With over 10 years in the marketing industry, our Owner, Chanelle has developed digital marketing strategies and managed campaigns for businesses all over the world. 

Kate, our Content Manager and Copywriter has her Honours in Creative Writing. Remember the ‘Doing Lofy’ song? Yeah, she wrote that.

Combine the two and you’ve got yourself the perfect combination of strategy and creativity. A combination that allows us to create KILLER content that connects AND converts.


Spirit Animal: Amy Poehler

Favourite movie: Mrs Doubtfire and Notes on a Scandal

Favourite bands: Alice Phoebe Lou, Otis Redding and Jack Johnson

Core hard skills: Strategy, copywriting, training and content marketing

Soft skills: Creative thinker, solutions-driven, effective communicator

Hey there! My name is Chanelle, and I’m the Owner, Digital Marketing Specialist, Copywriter and Trainer here at NINKI.

I’ve been in the marketing industry for over 10 years and have worked in a range of marketing roles – sales, ad operations, strategy, campaign management – you name it. I now specialise in strategy and content marketing.

I graduated from UNISA with a degree in Communication Science and am a certified Copywriter with the AAA School of Advertising.

I’ve travelled to over 50 countries (#travelw*nker), play the ukulele and am a performer in my spare time (check out our socials for my upcoming performances). 

After years of working for large organisations, I decided to hang up the dirty corporate gloves and start my own business. NINKI launched in 2017 and has grown into something I am truly proud of.

I love helping businesses de-mystify digital marketing and feel confident in their marketing. 

Fancy a coffee? Book a coffee catch up with me here.


Spirit Animal: A group of angry cats taped together to make a unicorn

Favourite movie: Scott Pilgrim VS The World and Bridesmaids

Favourite bands: Hobo Johnston, K.Flay and Breaking Benjamin

Core hard skills: Copywriting, content creation and creative writing

Soft skills: Results-driven, creative thinker, and all-round nice gal

Hiya, how’s it going? I’m Kate, and I’m NINKI’s Copywriter and Content creator and manager. It’s a pretty cool job – someone’s gotta do it, amiright?

I’ve been working at NINKI since 2019. But before then, I lived in London and travelled the world. I’ve been lucky enough to travel to over 30 countries! I’ve seen some things, let me tell you.

I graduated from Flinders University with a bachelor in Creative Arts: Creative Writing. And when I thought that wasn’t enough, I went on to complete my Honours. I’ve even written a thesis and everything!

I’ve written everything from short films and music, to poetry and novellas. My work has been published in several local publications. I even wrote a film for Adelaide’s 48 Hour Film Festival. My entry, Hobby Horse, won an audience award! 

Ever heard of the song, ‘Doing Lofty’? Yup. I totally wrote that. And if you watch the video carefully, you might see me in it.

When I’m not behind my laptop, I’m riding my bike around Adelaide, sampling some of the best pubs this city has to offer. Or you can find me at home cuddling my pet rats, Pedro and Carlos.

I’m passionate about creating fun, engaging and creative content for your business.

Morgan Fisher

Spirit Animal: Dolphins 

Favourite movie: 10 Things I Hate About You 

Favourite bands: Rex Orange County, Tame Impala and Cosmo’s Midnight

Core hard skills: Social media and content marketing

Soft skills: I wear my heart on my sleeve, love a good chat and bring humour to the office 

Hi!! I’m Morgan, the Marketing Coordinator at NINKI. 

My role here is super dynamic as I work across various areas of the business. From social media content creation to copywriting, reporting to scheduling, I support the team in various aspects of their roles. 

Starting in 2021, I’m the newest addition to the team. I graduated from The University of Adelaide with a Bachelor of Media and Major of Marketing and loved every minute of it.  

If you knew me growing up, you would understand my obsession with social media and creating content. Yes, I had a YouTube channel and no, it doesn’t still exist. So I am confident in saying this is the industry for me. 

I can’t wait to continue building my digital marketing skills and learning all I can for the very best (shout out to the gals – Chanelle and Kate). 

When I’m not spending time scrolling through Insta, I’m finding cool new cafes with friends, taking photos, travelling down the coast and walking to a good poddy.


Spirit Animal: Leslie Knope

Favourite movie: The Butterfly Effect and Cinderella Story

Favourite bands: Not a band but…Taylor Swift

Core hard skills: Branding, social media, graphic design and website design

Soft skills: Good listener, positive attitude and an ability to relate anything back to The Office

Hey! My name is Shanna and I’m the Graphic Designer here at NINKI.

I graduated from TAFE SA with an Advanced Diploma in Graphic Design and I have been working as a graphic designer since 2016. I’ve worked with businesses big and small in a huge range of industries from builders and tech companies to quilters and candle makers.

I’m obsessed with dogs, peanut butter and reading cheesy rom-com books. As a kid, you could always find me immersed in colouring, drawing and creating some kind of artwork. I swapped the crayons for a laptop but I was always destined to be in a creative career.

I came on board with NINKI this year and absolutely love working with Chanelle and the team. NINKI aligns with my values and honestly – it’s just really fun work!

My favourite thing is to help businesses create a brand that matches their unique story and is something they can be proud of.

I can’t wait to see where my journey with NINKI goes.

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