Five hot Facebook tips to help your business today

It’s tough keeping on top of all of the changes your online marketing channels make. We’re here to help! Here are five quick tips to help your business get more leads in Facebook today.

1. Target your posts

Facebook has launched a new functionality to target people for each individual post. Facebook isn’t like it used to be. Chuck up a post for free and have hundreds of people see if, like it and share it. Facebook wants you to pay to boost your post so they get a cut of the action but boosting your post actually does more damage than good. It shows to an untargeted audience and can affect your algorithm score so they’ve come up with targeted posts where you can apply targeting to each post you do. You can also set start and end times for your post to reach these people.

Post targeting

2. Avoid using third party platforms

Posting or creating ads from third party platforms like Hootsuite can affect your relevance score. So does putting URLs into your posts. Facebook wants to keep people ON Facebook so put your URLs in the comment section instead.

3. Link ads to Messenger

Facebook Messenger has a higher open rate than email and you can now start conversations with your customers in Messenger from an ad. Find out more here.


4.  Get colourful and make eye contact!

Imagery is super important in any form of advertising, especially Facebook when it’s so easy to scroll past an ad. Use colouring in your images that stand out against the Facebook blue – red, orange and green do this best. Another great technique is to use images that have emotion and direct eye contact. Users will naturally draw their eyes to make eye contact with the ad increasing viewability time.

Eye contact

5. Capture leads quick

Use lead generation ads to capture people’s contact details or to build your database with these ads that include call to actions like – Subscribe, Sign Up and Get a Quote. Use this data base later to build a custom audience targeting list to reach people you know are interested in what you have to offer.

Lead generation ads


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