“How does content marketing make me money?”

Ninki Content Marketing

“How does writing blogs help me make money?” Is one of the most common questions I get from customers, so I’m kicking off our blog with how content marketing can help do just that.

We know how to identify ads. We see them every day – ads on TV, in magazines, in the paper, online. Short, sharp messaging with a strong call to action that the advertiser wants you to take. Some people don’t mind being served ads, others find them annoying and end up disliking your brand because of it. What if there was a way to engage people with your brand? A way that an advertiser or business could be useful? A way to influence people’s decisions by being relevant when they need you to be? Well, this is content marketing. A form of advertising without actually advertising.

Content marketing involves the creation of content (copy on your website, blogs, videos, social media posts, articles, etc.) that doesn’t necessarily sell the brand but promotes it. It’s useful, relevant, unique content that inspires and encourages people to talk with you and for you.

Ever searched for a flight somewhere and subsequently been targeted by hundreds of airlines and flight comparison sites? Did it make you feel overwhelmed with the all the choices on offer? What could an airline possibly do to make them stand out from the rest? Content marketing. 67% of travellers feel more loyal to a travel company that shares information during their trip that improves their experience. Now, if every business did something as simple as starting a blog with helpful, shareable content how many more loyal followers do you think you might gain?

Not only does producing fresh, SEO friendly content help improve your visibility in Google but it helps you build a community of interest around your brand. Give advice, tell stories, share experiences, share videos about your company’s values – all these things ultimately contribute towards a solid content marketing strategy that drives people to your site and puts you top of mind when they are ready to buy from you.

Head to the contact page and drop us a line for a free brainstorm session to unlock ideas on how content marketing can work for your business today.




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